HAL 9000 is a two developer spare time project that began in July of 2018 and continues to exist purely for fun. The bot is free to add to your server. Remember that in order to utilise some functions you must set default text and voice channels.

What follows is a summary of a (very) small set of the bots features. For a (not quite) full list of bot commands use "hal help".

hal play: will play any audio source supported by youtube-dl (soundcloud, youtube, etc.) and, uniquely, is capable of playing any arbitrary mp3 uploaded as an attachment to discord.
soundboard: several preloaded audio clips and sets of audio clips are available to play at any time, for commands check hal help sound
inspirobot: a new image from inspirobot can be generated and sent on demand
numberwang: find out whether or not it is numberwang
reddit: can fetch a random post from any specified subreddit
casino: several games such as slots, and even a randomly generated cock fighting arena
dungeon: a collaborative text based dungeon crawler, with randomly generated charactors, encounters, and loot


-Base functionality
-Call and response:
	-Fuck you
	-ur mem gay
	-Open the pod bay doors hal

-Call and response additions:
	-Fuck me Daddy

-Call and reponse additions:
	-Additional .gifs
	-Additional levels of gayness
	-DnD namegen
	-Basic Numberwang
	-What is going on here?

-Voice Integration
	-Hal sing it for me
	-Hal piss off
	-2001 boot music
-Numberwang Fixed!
	-No longer is awful
	-Is it Numberwang?
-Code cleanup and optimisation
	-Broken gifs now move
	-Gifs now uploaded to static server

0.2.1 (Mostly the Sound Update)
-Voice Continued Integration
	-Hellscape of added sound bites
-Call and Response Additions:
	-DnD redneck added
	-Humans still pending
	-HAL info
		-Allows user to see patch updates etc.
	-HAL feature
	-Send me the bill
-Numberwang Update!
	-Less Awful
	-Changed from 1 in 100 to 1 in 500
	-Still Gay

-Reddit commands now funtional
	-Typing r/ now returns a random "hot" post from the
	specified subreddit
-Thought for the day
	-Sends a 40k quote at 10:00 GMT each day
-More Sound Clips
	-Added shaun from heavy rain to the super smash bros roster. thank me
	later world.
	-Added the lamb sauce!
	-Gun review from /k/.
-Insprirobot now functional
-Yes chef (and friends)
-"Gay?" also now accepts "Is  gay?"
-Added changelog command

-Sound Functions added (BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!)
	-Added Halo theme
	-Added country roads
	-Added fbi
	-Added kitchen gun rng
	-Added Mr. bubz
	-Added Wilhelm
	-Added BullyHunter
	-Added Whip Sound Effect

-Daily quotes:
	-Now checks time every 40 minutes - preventing double posts.
	-Format now "Thought for the day:"

-Hal help re formatted
-Hal changelog command added
-Introduced "thank you hal" function
-Intergrated BU discord
-NSFW functions now only work on channels designated NSFW
-rule34.xxx search engine implemented: "hal34 "
-Inspirobot function now summoned by "inspiro" not "hal inspiro"

0.3.2 R.I.P. Douglas Rain 1928-2018 <3
-Sound Functions Added
	-Ree from MUSE
	-realistic knocking
	-Dead inside (Also MUSE)

-Thought for the day fixed
-Soundboard optimisations
-HAL9000 now automatically disconnects from voice chats at the end of a sound clip
-The theme to 2001, a Space Odyssey now plays on boot
-Created halal.py
-All files now locally hosted and sent as attachments
-All sound files now normalised
-HAL now reminds you to get some sleep

-wow command fixed
-Added an autopatch script
-Hal34 no longer breaks with capitalisation
-Hal34 now informs when no results are found
-Numberwang now behaves correctly with capitals
-Bomb no longer *entirely* breaks HAL
-Added shebang line
-Changelog command fixed
-Thought for the day *should* work now
-Added a JK Rowling tweet generator

-Spelling corrections

-Sound gamble no longer attempts to play images, folders, and webpages
-Added sounds
	-sad violin
-F in chat
-Additions to JK Rowling tweet gen
-HAL goes to vegas! Added
	-coinflip game
	-highly illegal cock fighting
-Fixed thought for the day for real this time
-Added radio "hal play" capable of playing
	-YT links or searches
	-Attached files

-Added "hal bankrupt me"
-Souls now bets in the right direction
-Made cock fights expire over ~15 minutes

0.4.1 "Screw the users"
-Expanded home channel system to make bot publically available
-Fixed^tm thought for the day for real this time I promise
-Implemented daily Vibe Check
-HAL no longer crashes on emoji reactions
-Alex I'm very sorry and it was Dans idea
-Additions to cock fighting
-Additions to tweet generator
-Broke sound help but still patching cos screw the users

0.4.15 "Unscrew the users"
-Added refresh to Vibe check
-Fixed sound help in epic fashion
-Added temporary workaround for inspirobot issues

-Created the dungeon crawler sub section to hal - BETA TEST PHASE: charactors will not remain across patches
-Jesus is dead and we're vermin swarming his corpse
-Help function for the dungeon crawler is made.
-Filtered vibe of the day through a list of common stopwords to prevent it from always being "the", "a", or "i"
-hal play fully functional again
-Soundboard additions
	-The Missile
-Bot wide announcements can now be made to all servers on demand
-hal changelog now links to full changelog.txt
-Added "hal server status" - responds with on/off status for game servers on cmd.pm
-Additions to cock fighting

-Call and response additions
	-Fuck you sauce
-Soundboard additions
-Backlog updates to help function
-Added beans at 2AM
-Refactored commands to accept "hal " or "|"
	-Short form of commands are prefixed by "|" (pipe, Shift + \ on british keyboards) 
-HAL now reports on changes to server status
-Dungeon crawler characters, rooms, loot, and graves now persist between updates
-Content additions to Dungeon crawler
-Added best girl of the day to daily messages
-Wait for it... Fixed Thought for the Day! Hopefully, daily messages are now only ever sent once a day

0.5.2 "So Daniel, are we patching this broken?"
-Added number of dungeons cleared to character page on dungeon crawler
-Added dev hax - shh don't tell
-Reformatted and completed full index of 40k thoughts for the day
-Reverted daily messages to old system that actually worked better *sigh*
-Disabled vibe check as global recording of messages sent is a security risk
-Added to option to assign an epitaph to recently dead dungeon crawler pcs
-Additions to cock fight
-Atom machine go boom
-Additions to hal feature

-Resolved hal play issues
-Fixed thought for the day
-Prevented boot messages from triggering all. the. time.

-Removed derelict code
-Added queue per server to hal play
-Added lemons
-hal drip
-Official Radpunkz^tm name generator
-Miscellaneous additions to tweet gen


Is HAL 9000 not behaving right? Is HAL missing a function? Do you have your own original idea for a bot function?

For these or any other purpose simply message SilverSteeples#9864 or Twinkles#6070 over Discord. We would also love to hear any feedback you may have about the bot.

The avatar, "HAL 9000" is not an original work and is used soley in a derivative capacity, protected under fair dealings
The icon of HAL 9000 for Discord is licenced under Creative Commons by